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Pipework Systems

Pipework Systems

At BT Compressor Services we offer service and installation of most major brand Pipework Systems, including surveys and Air Quality Testing.

More and more companies are increasingly looking towards BT Compressor Services for their pipework installations, surveys, system adaptations and innovative production knowledge. If you have a new Warehouse, Factory, Unit and Production area or an existing system that requires re-vamping or re-designing, we can provide a comprehensive planning service with benefits of tailored requirements to suite your production needs.

Services – Pipework

  • All Parts for Compressed Air Installations in stock, Tube (Galv) Fittings, Isolation valves, Brackets, PTFE plus the latest in high efficiency AIRnet system, aluminium and plastic
  • Air receiver Pressure Testing to H.S.E. Standard (Certificate Supplied)
  • Ring mains fully Installed/maintenance
  • Ring mains inspected and Air Quality testing for leaks and specific required tests carried out by our competent factory trained technicians, including condensate management

Pipework Installations

  • Pipe fittings/Tubes/Materials/Handling
  • Galvanized Pipe/Screwed & Socketed (Threaded) both medium & heavy gauge
  • Plastic Pipe/Push-in & Threaded
  • Copper pipe/Compression Joints & Soldered

Written Schemes of Examination

  • Pressure Systems and Transportable Gas Containers Regulations 1989. (Health & Safety Executive) Copies of this can be obtained on request
  • Pressure Systems Safety Regulation 2000 also available
  • All testing carried out by BT Compressor Services will be supplied with a written record of testing and a certificate supplied where necessary

Planning and Design

  • Full system design available, consultation with regards to all aspects of Compressed Air Installation surveyed and if required report regarding changes to ascertain corrective procedures and/or service, thus leading to our technical pipework engineers executing the corrective work to ensure correct optimum system parameters and designs are met.