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Energy Saving Compressors


Variable speed rotary screw air compressors

Capacity: 0.23 – 42.10 m3/min

Energy savings up to 35% through SCD technology:

  • variable speed controlled
  • constant net pressure – infinitely variable from 5 to 13 bar
  • extremely high efficiency
  • elimination of high starting current and star delta change surge
  • no expensive wasted energy for idle running

Maximum benefits for our customers:

This premise holds true for everyone at ALUP. Our products benefit from the latest techniques in research and development and are manufactured according to ISO 9001. Customer satisfaction and quality is our highest priority. They fulfil all acceptance criteria according to ISO 1217 – 3 annex C. Numerous variations and options allow these products to be installed in nearly every compressed air application. In addition, special versions can also be offered

In typical installations as shown there is an enormous energy-saving potential!

Only on the basis of facts can decisions be made.

First analyse, then decide. This is reason enough to allow the specialists from ALUP to determine your current compressed air consumption, and with the help of accurate measurements, develop the optimum system solution together with you.

The directly driven, speedcontrolled ALLEGRO® together with the also directly driven LARGO form an unbeatable “energy-saving duo”.

Average total cost comparison
of a screw compressor,
averaged over 5 years
Do you have money to throw away?

Air End
– excellent efficiency over the entire
control range.

SCD Frequency Converter
– the integrated power package, selfevident according to EMV guidelines.

SCD Motor
– high-efficiency drive motor, enclosure IP 55, optimum efficiency up to 96%.

SCD Direct Drive
– loss-free power transmission, maximum cost-savings.

Separating System
– highest compressed air quality through proven multi-stage separation.

Cooling Unit
– large surface area radiators for lowest compressed air outlet temperatures and optimum thermostat-controlled coolant temperatures.

– powerful, efficient, high-performance.

Air Control
– the intelligence of the compressor.
Thinks, monitors, records.